Monsters in the Woods (2012)
poster Monsters in the Woods
IMDb Rating:
4.0/10 (641 votes)

Country:United States, 96 minutes

Spoken Languages:English


Director(s):J. Horton

Video Codec:Unknown

Number: 906

Low budget filmmaker, Jayson has made the movie of his dreams... but to his dismay, it can't sell in Hollywood. The distributors tell him "... you have nothing exploitative in your movie. Add some sex scenes, more violence, and maybe we'll buy your film." The distraught filmmaker approaches his neophyte, semi-psychotic producer, Bravo and tells him, "... put together a cast and crew... we're going to re-shoot and give them what they want!" Bravo nervously tells him, "We're out of money. " Jayson screams at him, "I don't care. Do whatever you have to do!" Bravo enlists a young movie crew to follow them into the remote back woods of the Great Bear Mountains by telling them "There's no money, but when we sell this, you'll all get a big piece of the profits for your efforts... and great craft service!" Various 'B' movie actors, including stuntman Burt, and his gorgeous wannabe actress girlfriend, Ashley, join them as Jayson has promised her a role in the movie. After a series of '...

Glenn Plummer (as Jayson), Lee Perkins (as Guy), Linda Bella (as Ashley), Edward Hendershott (as Burt), Blaine Cade (as Bravo)

Medium: Media file,

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: Unknown