Bride Of Boogedy (1909)
poster Bride Of Boogedy
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Country:United States,

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Genre(s):Drama, Short

Director(s):J. Stuart Blackton

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Number: 2125

A young girl is being urged by her father to marry a Duke. She refuses and leaves the room, closely followed by the Duke who remains unseen. She enters the garden, where she meets her lover. The couple plight their troth. The young man gives his sweetheart a ring in token, then hastily departs. The girl, turning, meets the Duke face to face. He follows her to the house, tells her father of the scene he has witnessed. The old man angrily orders his daughter from the room, then with the Duke concocts a plan to cure the girl's love. They dispatch a note, signing the lover's name, making an appointment for that evening. She unsuspectingly goes to the spot designated, waits anxiously for her lover, and when he does not appear, returns home, convinced that he is false. Another forged note but adds to her grief, and when the Duke again presses his suit the girl reluctantly consents. In due time the wedding takes place and as the bride signs the marriage contract, her former lover enters and ...

Annette Kellerman, Maurice Costello

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Aspect ratio: 4:3