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Number: 1427

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IMDb Rating:
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6.6/10 (18059 votes)

Country: USA, 109 minutes

Spoken Languages: English, German

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Romance

Director(s): Joe Dante

Video Codec: Unknown

This space adventure stars Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix as misfit best friends whose dreams of space travel become a reality when they create an interplanetary spacecraft in their homemade laboratory. Ben Crandall is a young visionary who dreams of space travel while watching late-night B monster movies, pouring over comic books, and playing Galaga in the confines of his bedroom. But one night he has a vivid dream of flying over a space-like circuit board and shares his visions with his best friend Wolfgang Muller, a young scientific genius who is able to translate his dreams into a complex computer program that actually works. With the help of their new friend Darren Woods, they create a homemade spacecraft and embark on a secret adventure to another galaxy where they find that things are not always as different as they seem.



photo Ethan Hawke Ethan Hawke Ben Crandall
photo River Phoenix River Phoenix Wolfgang Müller
photo Jason Presson Jason Presson Darren Woods
photo Bradley Gregg Bradley Gregg Steve Jackson's Gang
photo Amanda Peterson Amanda Peterson Lori Swenson

Medium: Media file,

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 1.85:1