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Number: 362

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IMDb Rating:
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5.0/10 (28884 votes)

Country: USA, 86 minutes

Spoken Languages: English

Genre(s): Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director(s): Jonathan Liebesman

In the Nineteenth Century, in Darkness Falls, Matilda Dixon is a good woman, who exchanges with children their baby teeth per coins. One day, her face is burnt in a fire in her house, she becomes sensitive to light and uses a china mask to protect her face against light. When two children are not found in the town, Matilda is blamed by the population and burnt in a fire, as if she were a witch. She claims to be not guilty and curses the whole population of the town and their descendants, stating that when each child loses the last tooth, she would come to get it, and if the child looks at her, she would kill him or her. After her death, the two children are found, and the shamed citizens decide to bury this sad and unfair event and never mention it again. Twelve years ago, the boy Kyle accidentally saw the Tooth Fairy, and she killed his mother. All the persons in Darkness Falls but his girlfriend Caitlin accused the boy of murdering his mother and sent him to an institution, ...


photo Chaney Kley Chaney Kley Kyle
photo Emma Caulfield Ford Emma Caulfield Ford Caitlin
photo Lee Cormie Lee Cormie Michael
photo Sullivan Stapleton Sullivan Stapleton Matt
photo Steve Mouzakis Steve Mouzakis Dr. Murphy

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